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Serenity 4/6/16 - 6/26/17 by hehehihi2023 Serenity 4/6/16 - 6/26/17 :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 2 4 G.O.W Emotions by hehehihi2023 G.O.W Emotions :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 3 12 My Angel by hehehihi2023 My Angel :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 2 6 A Broken Stone Wall by hehehihi2023 A Broken Stone Wall :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 4 11 Male and Female Pose Base by hehehihi2023 Male and Female Pose Base :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 5 4 Huggy Base by hehehihi2023 Huggy Base :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 4 2 Future background by hehehihi2023 Future background :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 4 7 Anime G.O.W by hehehihi2023 Anime G.O.W :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 4 14
Her Motivation
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She passed the picture on the mantle. That familiar but vague face. Her father. He died when she was three, never got to truly meet him. He was a pilot in the US military and a very loyal soldier. He died fighting amongst hundreds of others who gave their lives for something they thought was right. Her mother told her a lot about how he loved telling his tales of war, and how he would never hide the darker side of the story. G.O.W does remember some things about him, like how he used to drink his heart out when he remembered too much, and how sometimes he would lie on the ground and start hyperventilating if he didn't. She gazed at her father and lifted the picture frame. At one point he had a full on freak out; he thought he was protecting a young prisoner from a certain "Dr. Drace",  but in actuality he had grabbed G.O.W and was holding her from her mom. Once he snapped out of it, he sighed and told his young daughter it was just
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Kaiyo by hehehihi2023 Kaiyo :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 2 9 Guardian Angel by hehehihi2023 Guardian Angel :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 6 15 Pesky Assassin by hehehihi2023 Pesky Assassin :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 2 9 Avengamers! by hehehihi2023 Avengamers! :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 5 13
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Gosh I can't wait for tonight. I've been biking all my life and I've never been this excited. There's going to be a huge race in this ghost town up north. There's a large stretch of road just perfect for burning rubber. I even heard that a draw bridge will be there at the competition so that'll be extra fun. I was thinking about it all day and could hardly focus in class (not that I did in the first place). The second the bell rang I was out the door. It was kinda cold outside but I was wearing a good leather jacket. The only thing left out in the cold was my numb, stiff, pink fingers that fumbled when grabbing my helmet. It had a fuzzy orange Mohawk and soft straps so it was fairly comfortable. I unlocked my motorcycle and rode off. I called my mom to tell her where I was going, not that she cared, and made my way uptown. I took my time; the race didn't start until nightfall. Despite the freezing air beating on my fingers, I enjoyed
:iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 1 5
Every Thunderstorm Begins With Rain.
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(Warning: The ending is not like the rest of the story.)
"Uuuuugh, I'm so tired... do I have to get up?" She mumbled into her pillow. That question was answered quickly with the blaring sound of her alarm clock that she quickly slapped out of fear. She fell out of bed trying to catch it and thumped onto the ground still having that annoying tone going off. She hit her dainty fist on the top of the loud God forsaken machine and it finally quieted. She sighed in relief making her racing heart calm. A laugh was heard downstairs and she groaned. She grabbed her glasses and came down seeing her mother still laughing while making some blueberry pancakes. Her mother finally looked at the sleepy form that came down.
"I'm sorry dear, it's just that you do this every morning." She said moving the batter around in the pan. 
"Thanks for reminding me, mom." She croaked rubbing her eye under her lenses. She wasn't thinking straight so s
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G.O.W by hehehihi2023 G.O.W :iconhehehihi2023:hehehihi2023 3 12


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I am a strange humanoid with the hope that my art/characters will be seen and loved!


My Angel
This is from a scene in a story I wrote.
"Dear diary,
      I'm writing this down before I forget. My daughter finally joined the army just like her father; but now that this sickness has overcome me, she doesn't want to be anywhere else but my side. I can't remember her half the time and during the other half I'm worrying for her. I do still remember when she had first took this new and violent route. It was like she was a whole different person. I think she had come home with a bloody nose saying someone had pinned her down and beat her up, then ever since she's been training and fighting all the time. I think. She said she had this crazy idea about becoming a superhero or a vigilante but for my sake she joined the army. But now that I'm dying, I'm not sure how her life will play out."

He turned the page and there was a little more writing on one and a picture facing down on the other.

"I can only hope my little angel will protect people either way."

He turned over the picture and saw a familiar face with an army hat and uniform. G.O.W was saluting with a clean and white glove above her forehead, and a deep green uniform; her hair wasn't dyed either. She looked like almost every other soldier.

When G.O.W got out of high school, she wanted to become a vigilante; but her mother thought the idea was ridiculous and G.O.W didn't want her to get involved. In result, she joined the military and tried her best to make her mom proud. But when her mom had gotten brain cancer, she dropped everything to be there for her. This scene takes place when G.O.W was later an assassin; her friend had found all her old storage when he was bored.

It took me a while to make this piece. I had to look up army women pictures to find the right style, research the right badges for her jacket I put an inside joke as one of the badges as well, I even had to analyze each detail for that jacket just to make sure it was as accurate as possible. Not to mention the numerous distractions that prevented me from focusing on it. I spent so much time on it, and I still don't know if it's fully accurate or not!

Story about her Father:

A cool/sad picture of her:

An old story of her background:

Comments are encouraged and cherished here! X3
A Broken Stone Wall
Sorry for the bloodiness.

I had made a story that I couldn't post (again, because it had my friend's character in it and I wished to respect her with keeping them a secret). But I couldn't help but make a picture of G.O.W in one of the very serious scenes. I didn't exactly know how I was going to make it, but eventually I thought it would make an interesting screenshot. She doesn't show emotion often, so when she had a full on break down, it was both refreshing and terrifying to see how it played out.

In the story, when she had her mental breakdown, my friend's character came in and she instinctively threw a knife. (It didn't hit them) Then she had a small moment where her strictly held emotion almost fell apart, but then she pulled herself back together and pretended nothing was wrong.

Comments are encouraged and cherished here! X3
Based off one of my pencil drawings, ultimately better Kylo Ren (Matt) Approves Icon 
Male and Female Pose Base
Second base. Probably won't make more.

Please show your own version below!!

Comments are encouraged and cherished here! X3
That's right, this totally dorky, awkward, unpopular weirdo has gotten 100 Llamas!! Now I haven't done this for a while, so I'll make this brief and try to explain this to the best of my abilities...

You can request any of my characters (or any characters I've drawn) to do something epic, fun, or just plain crazy!


If you like someone else's suggestion reply to that suggestion saying you do.

If you can, I'd like to do something that isn't depressing or sad or angry, but if you've got a really awesome but depressing idea, request away!

Keep it simple, I'm just doing this for fun and mah brain cahn ownleh tayke soh mush

Be specific, if I don't know what you're suggesting I definitely can't make a picture of it.

Keep it appropriate, there are kids on this site.

And last but not least, let your creativity flow! Don't be scared to suggest something unheard of or crazy!

The person with the most popular suggestion will see their suggestion as soon as I finish with it. I look forward to hearing your response!!

hehehihi2023 out! ;3
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